How to Install and How to Register Messenger Fb

Assalamulaiakum Wr Wb - Good Morning, Afternoon, Afternoon and Evening Friends ids-facebook. This time I will discuss about Masenger starting from Facebook messenger application, how to download messenger and how to register it.

I think the way this time is fairly easy, friends do not have to be complicated and cost a lot because indeed this application is very effective and efficient and really suitable for friends who like to chat with friends on Facebook. Perhaps the most popular now for Facebook chat application is messenger, but it turns out that this application over time has become ineffective to use in my personal opinion.

Maybe Facebook has also done research on this application both in terms of usability and others. And finally when this chat application has been created, you could say this application as a revolutionary from the previous "messenger" application ofThis revolutionary application is called "messenger lite" and this application is also the subject of our discussion this time.

As the name implies messenger lite is a chat application that is very fast and efficient, very suitable for those who want to do chat activities quickly and without difficulty, Eits is not just chat, this application is also the same as the previous application, messenger

Besides its function as a media for chatting this application can also be used to call someone, and not only that this application is also supported by the "featureVideo Call" which is very well suited. And cool again this application is very light for our Android and also the large capacity the size of the file to download is also very light, approximately no more than 10MB. And now the users of this application reach 100 million users.

If a friend wants to know how to download messenger, follow these steps, if my words are difficult to understand, please see the picture that I put in each step, I hope you understand and understand.

Steps to download messenger fb

The first step that we have to start is downloading messenger, I will give the messenger fb application the most effective and efficient for the pesa reply activity namely "Messenger Lite"

Please first open the Play Store application then type in the livelihood column with the word "messenger lite", the feature of the application is white and the amount of capacity of the user is very small (Maybe not more than 10 Mb)

If you still don't understand how, please follow my steps below:

1. First open the play store or visit the Direct Link here

2. If a friend enters then please click on the search column and type the keyword "Messenger Lite" then click search,

If you have, the next step is to click Install, then please wait for a few moments until the download and installation process is complete. (If you are still confused, see the picture below)
If a friend has downloaded and installed on a friend's cell phone, let's go directly to the next process, which is how to register Facebook messenger.

Step messenger list fb

For a list of messengers, the thing you need to prepare is just your cellphone number, the password that your friend registered on your friend's facebook. Please, friend, enter your cellphone number and Facebook account password that you use. If you still don't understand, please follow the steps below

1. First open the facebook messenger application that was downloaded earlier

2. Please friends fill in the number "Email / Telepone" and "Password" facebook account that friends use to open friends facebook
3. Furthermore, if a friend wants to make friends in contact with your cellphone, please click turn on, this will allow friends to search for a list of people who are contacted by HP who then we will add friends to chat with him.

And if you don't want to, please just click "Not Now"
4. Finished and friends can do as much chat,

Well maybe that's all I can say, less and more I apologize for the size, Good luck - Wassalamualaikum Wrb Wb