How To Open Facebook Forget Email, No and Password Fb

How to enter fb without email - when someone forgets a facebook email then he wants to open his account automatically the requested account will not be able to be opened or accessed because indeed the initial facebook login process of making it uses email,

Login process that forgets email fb other options are not available such as telephones except the initial login process uses other options as a backup option, to overcome the way to enter that forgets facebook phone numbers: How to create a facebook account

what we need to do is to process the identification and verification of our account through the facebook directly, in this way the facebook can retrieve the initial data and exchange it for new data that the friend asks for.

Then how do you enter facebook without email? At this time facebookways wants to share experiences on how to enter who forgot their Facebook email but remember the password completely and equipped with images so that friends will find it easier to understand, well let's look at the solution in this article.

Steps to open Facebook without email

In accordance with what I have said at the beginning of the paragraph that this process requires identification and verification, which means that Facebook will try to identify the data that friends give to Facebook

if the data is appropriate and the right is the next step friends just have to verify and complete.
This time we will not use Android because it is easier to use Windows, for friends who want an HP version tutorial, please visit this website, always to get more information about Facebook in full.
Please friends refer to the following steps. Before that please refer to and note the words below

This method will only run if a friend has an email / number that is still active or can still be used

1. Please friends visit the facebook page (login process) LOGIN
Then friends click> Forgot Account (located in the upper right corner, most precisely under the password column),

If a friend clicks on forgetting an account, a friend will be brought to the account for the process of earning a friend (see below)

a. For the beginning of the process it will be like the first image, so please click on> Try Again
b. If it is, then the friend will be under the livelihood process, please friends enter the name of the account that you mean to the livelihood box

2. Friends will be below on the page that contains account accounts that have similarities to the accounts that you mean (see picture)

Remarks Description
a. If the name you mean is missing, please click on friend> I am not on this list, see first order image (starting from the left side)

b. Next, please friend, type the name of a friend who has a friendship with an account that you mean. for more targeted livelihoods, please enter your friend's name that is often invited beforehand (both chat and comment)

c. If an account with a friend is available, then click on this account.

3. Next the friend will be brought to the account verification process, the facebook will send a verification number in the friend's email / telephone number if there is one.

Remarks Description
a. For verification, please click> continue (see picture no. 1). then check the e-mail message used for verification and please take the code (as many as 6 digits) entered

b. Fill in the code in figure number 2, then click> continue

c. Please change your friend's password or old password, also the important problem is not filled, if you have, please click> continue

If a friend has done the above steps until number 3, the friend will automatically enter the account that you are friends with, the next step is to ensure that this event will not happen again: How to increase the fb account protection at the maximum level

And I say - Good luck