How to delete a Facebook email (FB) via cellphone

How to delete an email on a Facebook account is actually easy and simple as long as we know and want to learn about the menus on Facebook. Because everything related to Facebook is very clearly stated in the fb settings area especially how to delete fb e-mail on this cellphone.

But I also do not rule out the possibility, because it is rare for people to go deeper about a social media arrangement and that is something that is very reasonable for someone.

I don't know you who read this article are still newbies or are already good at using Facebook. Whatever your abilities in the Facebook world, I hope you don't waste Social Media because there are so many secret features that you can use, one of them is: Opening Facebook that forgets your email

Especially on this occasion I will try to learn more about how to delete Facebook e-mail so that it is easy for you to understand,

For more details, please refer to the following

Delete Facebook email

In applying this method we need a tool, which these tools will help us in simplifying the process of deleting facebook e-mail.

And the tools I mean are the facebook lite application, I don't press you using these tools, It's just that if you use it you can easily do this guide quickly and effectively, this happens because the available features are very light for android and data usage.

For those of you who have not had this application, please click download below. If you already have it, we can proceed to our next discussion - See the steps below

1. First, Please open the Facebook lite application on your Android app menu

2. After opening, then go to the settings menu

3. Then, select account settings

4. Then select GENERAL

5. Then focus on the view in the e-mail area and click edit next to the e-mail address (see the circle below)

6. Next, you will be shown about the e-mails that you use both primary and secondary e-mails that have been added before: How to make a secondary e-mail (New) on Facebook

Please choose which email you will delete. If the e-mail you entered is written, delete the e-mail, then the e-mail can be deleted, but if it is e-mailed, delete it means that the e-mail is the primary e-mail (e-mail account).

8. If you have found the e-mail that you want to delete and have pressed the delete button then the next step is to click delete e-mail (See the picture below)

Until step 8, actually your email has been successfully deleted. And that second, you have started using one primary email that is specifically used for the facebook login process

Maybe that's all I can say, Less and more I apologize - Good luck