Forgot Your Facebook Password

Forgot your facebook password? Do friends experience that? Calm down this time friend ids-facebook will discuss inshallah in full about how to open fb forgot password and god willing, in this discussion i will add with pictures that can facilitate friends in understanding how to open fb without this password

Oh yes, forgetting a facebook password is a natural thing for humans because indeed man is the wrong place and sin, forgot to be a natural human nature, right? Therefore, each manager relating to storage must provide or provide other options that can help if people forget. Likewise on social media, social media makers concerned also pay attention to this side (human error / forget) therefore the social media manager provides an option to overcome this: how to open facebook that forgets an email

Especially on social media facebook, the manager of the facebook party has provided a solution if you forget your password, either forget your facebook lite password or forget your facebook password via cellphone (browser).

Actually the two options are not far away, meaning the steps are the same, but the difference is just the display. Well let's just start the tutorial, please see and understand friends as well as good understanding

steps to open facebook with forgotten password in lite

To open fb forget the password this time we will not need any application, we just have to follow the instructions that have been given by facebook, i will try to be more clear with the image, so please see and pay attention

1. The first step that a friend must do, please make a friend go to the facebook dashboard (during the login process) login

Please, friend, click forgot your password? Next, please friend, type the account name that forgot the password, if it is please click search. Now after clicking on find a friend, you will be taken to a page that contains an account that is related to the name you typed, but if your friend's name is not available, please click "i am not on this list"

2. Next type the name of a friend who is friends with you on facebook, for a more effective livelihood when typing the name of a facebook friend who often communicates with friends, if you have click search.

Now if you have found it, please click on the account picture (see the picture below)

3. Then the friend will be asked for verification. Fb party will send the code via cellphone / e-mail number as the facebook login process at the beginning, please click continue.

Wait for the entry code on your friend's cellphone, if you have entered then enter the code and click change facebook password (see the picture below)

4. Now if the steps above have been done, the last step is to change the friend account password and finish. But what if the cellphone number when the initial login can't access anymore? Please read: how to restore the fb hacked there friends will find a solution if the number you use is not accessible.

Note: and for the bowser version, it's the same as the steps above, you just have to follow it because the only difference is the display, both the writing and menu menus, but basically all are the same. Maybe here is our short tutorial here, hopefully it can be useful for all friends - good luck